Adormarth is the largest continent on known Realm. Not all of Adormarth has been explored.


Adormarth has several nations within it's reaches.


Abagozen is a small nation, formerly a UAK colony, but they recently declared their independence. They are located on the Abagoz Penninsula, east of the Kingdom of Braddia. Abagozen also borders Nomansland.


The FDA consists of both the southernmost tip of Adormarth, the Londertree peninsula on Adormarth, and the Thorn Isles to the south of Adormarth. The FDA also has five settlements located outside of it's borders on Adormarth (three in Nomansland, one in Abagozen, and one in Braddia).


The Kingdom of Braddia is a nation that began on Adormarth. They are located on southern Adormarth, south of Nomansland, NE of the southern FDA colony, and West of Abogozen.


Nomansland is an internationally sanctioned supranation. Nomansland is a land reserved for everyone, and is welcome to settlers of all nationalities. There are currently two Agrandan settlements within it. Braddia formerly opposed Nomansland, until it's borders were revised.