The alledonian senate is a legislative body in Alledon. They make most of the laws in the Republic.


The senate is made up of 1 member from each state (currently nine states).

Current SenateEdit


  • 5 Conservative Freedom
  • 2 National
  • 1 Communist
  • 1 Worker's

List of RepresentativesEdit

  • Remi Cordon (Anders, AWP)
  • Donner Brown (Ieodea, ANP)
  • Charles Chani (Lower Chiid, ACFP)
  • Den Blackson (Grey Beach, ACFP)
  • James Vie (Castletown, ANP)
  • Dallen Corien (Red Island, ACP)
  • Ieco Dallas (Tok Conf. ACFP)
  • Ben Terrillacid (Novterra Col. ACFP)
  • Cameron Delilah (Serpent ACFP)


Resolution One (Alledon)