Diamond (officially the Free Autonomous Community of Diamond) is an autonomous reigon in Abogozen. It is lead by Drr' Callime. Diamond was created after Alledon granted the reigon semi-Autonomy after the Alledonian Retreat was ordered.


Diamond was orignally a partially un-inhabited land in Abagozen. There was a small tribe in the area called the Diamond tribe. They lead the area until they fell apart shortly before citizens from the UAK colonized the area. However, the UAK descended into a civil war, and Abagozen declared independence. In the First Abagozen War Abagozen was conquested by Alledon, Chiid, Braddia, and Sirdovia. Alledon's reigon was named Diamond. However, Diamond had been largely untouched by Alledonian soldiers, so it experienced about a week in Anarchy. The former governor under the Abagozen time was assasinated 2 days after independence. A group known as the Ccra came to power, and they led the last several days of the independence under Jinian Ccra. When Alledonian soldiers stormed the capital city (Uieli), Jinian Ccra committed suicide and the Ccra were driven apart. Alledon set up a military rule for a short period, and then held elections for governor. Drr' Callime won, and became governor of the new Diamond Territory. Diamond became an autonomous community about a month afterwards.

List of LeadersEdit

Leader Became leader Left post
Di-Ila Diamond (Human) Originator of the Diamond tribe Died of natural causes
Many generations
Ca-Dil Diamond (Human) Brother killed, first heir to young to lead Last strong Diamond leader, killed in battle
I-Van Diamond (Human) Uncle killed in battle Final leader of the Diamond tribe, killed by invaders
(No leadership, tribe dissolved)
Durecili Untabos (Saurian) Became Abagozenite Governor Overthrown during Abogozen War
Jinian Ccra (Human) Ccra leader, became leader when the gang came to power Committed suicide during Alledonian invasion
General Xxalica Duran (Human) Leader of the Alledonian Governate Was not re-elected, returned to Alledon.
Drr' Calime (Saurian) Became first elected governor of Diamond, re-elected under the Free Autonomous Community of Diamond Resigned during the War Over Diamond
Den Ido (Human) Took over after Calime's resignation Incumbent