Karmaz is a continent of Realm. The borders of Karmaz are officially unknown, but are probably defined by the borders of old Sirvania and the rest of Palurin.


Karmaz houses several nations.

Alledon (Red Island Colony)Edit

The Red Island Colony of Alledon (lying on 1/4 of Red Island, or Amon) is claimed by both Alledon and Amon Grungnaz, but Alledon retains control over it.

Amon GrungnazEdit

Amon Grungnaz is a nation that lies on the island of Amon (Red Island). It claims the entire island, but part of the island remains under Alledonian control.

Sirdovia (Sirvania Reigon)Edit

The nation of Sirdovia primarily lies in Palurin, but the Sirvanian reigon remains in Karmaz.