Nomansland is defined as basically as basically a neutral territory stretching from the Northern Mountains to the Agrandan, Braddian, and Asagonese borders. It is open to settlements of any kind by anyone of any nationality. There are several Agrandan settlements within Nomansland:

  • Alsabar, a trading outpost located at the mouth of the Ilgabar River at Central Lake.
  • Grand Mountain West, a mining settlement located near the Agrandan-Braddian border west of the Grand Mountain.
  • Grand Mountain East, a logging settlement located near the Agrandan-Braddian border northeast of the Grand Mountain.
  • Shilloran, a farming settlement located on the Northern River Floodplain, west of Central Lake.
  • Elbadear, a seaside trading outpost located on the Eastern Peninsula within Asagonese territory.