The People's Republic of Asegon is a nation on the continent of Tok. They are known for their relatively radical socialist ideals, and for their oddly non-humanoid sentient beings, Saurians.


Asagon is a communist nation, and one of the only nations that supports the Communist ideals. There is a minimum wage for all workers, a benefit system being drafted and state pensions. Womens rights is also not an issue in Asagon, as Saurian women are often much larger and more powerful than the men.

Asagon itself is a warrior society, and has been for hundreds of years. The men work as a strike force part-time, and the male population can be mobilized to form an invading warband. The Females operate as workers and homeguard, since their large size makes them noticeably less maneuverable than their smaller male counterparts. But makes them ideal for operating artillery and longbows.


The Asagonese Warband can be formedin a time of ultimate threat, but it requires the complete drainage of the entire economy. Since there has been no threat that massive for nearly one thousand years since the Mayapachi war, a warband stays at the serviceable size of 40-50,000 warriors.

The army is quite cavalry heavy after the Asagonese expansion into South Tok, Dragons and Tyrannosaurs are being prepared for war and riders are being trained in the military posting of Otolonis.

Saurian PeopleEdit