Palur Centralia Map

Map of Palur Centralia

Palur Centralia was a predecessor state to Alledon. Palur Centralia was a strong empire, that collapsed after Iedoea's independence. They were located in the central area of Palurin.

History Edit

Before establishment Edit

The History of Palur Centralia began with the establishment of a Cfraggi (pronounced Shrefrajee) Colony. The population of Palur Centralia became (for most of the history) a mixture of Cfraggi Humans (originating on the Cfraggi plain between Lake Carn'i and the Dark isthmus - the Vulture Cove and Dark Sea) and Palurin humans (originating North of Chiid, west of Sanctuary and east of the Lake Carn'i). The two peoples made contact during a Norc exploration of Lake Carn'i. The Cfraggi were originally a collection of city states; Norc was the largest on the east coast. The Norc were warring peoples, and they had used that to express their dominance of Lake Carn'i. The Palurin Humans were relatively primitive, and had fled to the north, fearing orcs from the southern lands of Chiid. Most of them lay in the Palurin Basin, but some were isolated on Lake Carn'i. They hunted in the undesirable conditions of the west lake coast, and were called the V'Sha'ar tribe ("coast dwellers" in the Norc Language). The Norcs easily conquered and nearly destroyed the V'Sha'ar. However, some were taken as slaves. The Norc eventually grew stronger, and took over Cfraggi. But they suffered a slave rebellion. The slaves who took over, the Carlobians (Western Cfraggi) also shunned the V'Sha'ar, and all remaining people of that tribe were killed. The Carlobians eventually formed the Kingdom of the Cfraggi People, under their king Carlob I. Meanwhile, the Orcs of the land now called chiid, were forced into resurgence, because of Eldar invasions. Palurian Humans expanded out to the center of Palurin, and west to Sanctuary (they are believed by some to be the ancestors of the Sirdovians.) Eventually Vultara IV, a new king of the Cfraggi, decided to populate Vulture Cove, unfortunately the attempt failed. Another king named Ilexius III attacked the cove, and set up a permanent settlement. The Vulture Cfraggi began exploring and trading in the Eastern Ocean, but they were dominated by the Eldar, who were then strong. A large battle with the Eldar lead some Cfraggi astray, (WIP)