Welcome to Realm!

Realm is a Roleplay world where you lay a claim on our player created world and design and build your nation in a fantasy Industrial Era. The Wiki here is our means of storing information about Realm and all of it's everything, and our forum ( is used for the actual roleplay, and some third party software might be used by Realmers for various things, like chatting, fighting battles, and more!

Note: This is a non-commercial project, and we only wish to create a fun and interesting environment.


  • King David of Braddia abdicates, and is replaced by his son, Prince David II. Thread here.
  • A colossal, iron-plated ship has been sighted coming south through the Northern Sound. It has not responded to flag signals from the shore. Thread here.
  • The Sirdovian Soviet Federation and the Palurin Confederacy have signed a non-aggression pact between the two nations. Thread here.
  • A fleet of thousands of Eldar ships approach Lone Orc Port, Chiid Borderlands. Forces from Chiid, Braddia, the Palurin Confederacy and Alledon have been sent to hold the Port. Thread here.

I want to join!Edit

Awesome! We still have room! Please check out our world map (see below!) and see what land is available to claim for your nation, once you've picked a spot, go to our forums and create an account, and post a thread in the "Joining Us" section introducing yourself, your vision for your nation, and asking for approval of your claim. Note: Please make your claims REASONABLE!

Once they are approved, if they are approved, the map will be updated accordingly and after that you can starting creating everything about your nation both on the Wiki and on the Forums! You can design it's people, it's military, it's technology (must be somewhere in between Renaissance-level and Industrial-level technology, mmkay) and, well, everything!!! All we ask is that you remain serious and (try to) fit your population, history, culture and such with the land that you are given because an overly large population, wealth beyond imagination and/or a ridiculously sized army might just end up with you getting ignored or even shunned by other players. When you've finished the basics, start roleplaying, make some trade deals and create an alliance, involve yourself in everything, make friends, make enemies, defend your territory, attack others! You are the leader!

And don't forget, exploration is an important part of Realm, remember, the current map is only a small bit of the whole Realm, yet to be discovered... There is a whole another world out there, what will you discover...?

World MapEdit


Map of Realm 2.1b (update 8)

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