Resolution One was a law approved by the Alledonian Senate. It was the first law ever to be produced.


Affirms the People's right to freedom of Speech after Serpent Forest passed a law restricting free speech within their borders. It was proposed by Den Blackson of Grey Beach, Alledon.


Noting the text of Serpent Forest Ordinance 1500

(Serpent Natives will cease and desist in protests against gunpowder mines near Cameron Town. Cameron shall be enabled to build thegunpowder mines. Serpent Natives shall stop all forms of protest, peaceful or not, as they resist progress in Serpent Forest.)

Noting freedom of speech is a central tenet of Alledonian Freedom

Further noting that this document infringes upon freedom of speech

Further noting that all documents like this should be discarded

Decides to force a repeal of Serpent Forest Ordinance 1500

Decides that such a law will be banned within Alledon


Resolution passes 6-3. Signed by President soon after.