The Grand Imperial Federation of Rilon also known as Rilon is an Empire consisting of three provinces and one territory.

Grand Imperial Federation of Rilon


Human (100%)




65,000 Rilonia: 30,000 Montey: 20,000 Ley: 14,000 Imperial Territory: 1,000


Absolute Monarchy

Main Religions:

Chelpokism 100%




500,000 Eptoks (1 week)




Rilon is an absolute monarchy headed by the emperor. Under the emperor is the warlord who is in charge of war and the Chancellor who is in charge of finance. There is a unicameral parliament with three members from each province and two from each territory. The head of a province is a governor who sits on the govern and the head of the terriroty is the emperor. The govern is the supreme court of the empire.

Total Number of Officials: 17


The economy of Rilon is dominated by there wood and mining industry. The empire does not export food or anything other then wood and minerals/metals which they only export. The onlything the empire imports is stone. Everything else is self sustaning. The government is not in debt and is extremely wealthy because the export twice as much as they import.

Armed ForcesEdit

20,00 men are enlisted in the armed forces, 8,000 navy and 12,000 army. During war time the soldiers become active but during peace only 2,000 soldiers are active, 1,500 from the army and 500 from the navy who act as police/coast gaurd. The armed forces uses rifles and cannons in its infanty and pikes and sword for its calvary.


The religion of Rilon is Chelpokism. 100% of the population is part of the religion. The religion consists of five gods: Chelpok, the almighty god, Choi, the god of war, death and fire, Camba, the god of peace, water and life,Wyakglak, the father of all of the gods, and Quakelchak, the god of the ocean. The head of the religion is the emperor and under him is the council of high preists. The head of a tempel is a priest and the head of a district (9 districts) are high priests.


There are three provinces and one territoy within rilon. Rilon believes that if isolation and total control of one are equals stability so they only stay on the mainland. The three provinces, Rilonia, Montey and Ley, are each headed by by a Lord. The territory is under total control by the emperor because of its small population, 1,000. The capital is in Rilonia,Rilonia. The capital building is the palace of the emperor ehich consists of the govern building, parliament building and the offices of both the chancellor and warlord.