Sirvania is a newly established territory in South Karmaz.

The nation currently has four towns and seven villages. It is ruled by Baron André.



Previously, Sirvania was part of Scondovia.
Not many years before now, it seceded as the Republic of Gontas.
After a few years of war, the nation reformed, and Declared full independence from scondovia

Gang Era:Edit

The area of Sirvanai was origanally a chaotic anarchy. Different gangs terraorized the local farmers and ranchers. The discovery of gun powder made things worse with numbers not playing as a large a factor. Criminals from neighbouring states would come to Sirvania to make a name for themselves. One hopeful criminal was André.

André started by joining a gang and ended up on the top. There he took over the town of Sayalis which he established as his base.

André proved to be a good leader however by protecting the occupants of Sayalis and turning it into a flourishing trade town. By then André had given himself the Medieval title of Baron. He built a stockade around Sayalis and helped it expand.

Conquest Era:Edit

Baron André had established himself as the most powerful person in Sirvania. At the time that Warlord Krag-Zot had just taken the throne of Chiid, he had taken over half of Sirvania. A new power had arisen though in the Southern section and André had to destroy it before he could finalize his grip on Sirvania.

Self proclaimed Lord, Charles of Lerand, has taken over the Southern half of Sirvania. After a bloody conflict lasting about a year, André had secured the Southern section and finalized his hold on Sirvania.

Discovery Era:Edit

The Discovery era is still ongoing with the following events already happened:

  • Discovery of Reshai Tribe
  • Forest discovery, with many food found, and some products.
  • Many Berries had been sold within a month of the forest's discovery, later causing a plague in which many people died.


Sirvania's Military is comprised mostly of the militia from each town. A centrally-controlled force can be established, but the Sirvanians prefer to remain in their own territory due to their familiarity with the land.

The standard issue weapons for militiamen are basic revolvers and muskets.