Terra Australis Incognito is a continent in Asagonese Mythology, traders have talked about the continent like the Human atlantis. It is also called Australasia by the Asagonese

The Asagonese ExpeditionEdit

The Peoples Republic of Asagon has been preparing to launch an expedition to the east of Tok to find the Continent. It has also offered the Borderlands of Chiid, and the Divine Federation of Sirdovia a chance to join the expedition and establish Colonies on Australasia, though they may not accept due to the continuing Great Realm War.

Importance to the AsagoneseEdit

In Asagonese mythology, an ancient race related to the Saurians called the Mayapachi. Which are closely related to the Asagonese Warbeast, they evicted the Saurians from the continent and forced the latter to take refuge on the site of modern Alledon. Where they launched the colonization of Tok and became the Veritian Empire.

Nowadays Asagonese scientists debate the existence of the Mayapachi and Australasia, and have been meaning to travel eastwards for years. But Communist revolution and the Great Realm War have snubbed the possibilities of an epedition. However they have now begun dealing with the Chiidians and the Sirdovians to send a joint expedition.

Mayapachi PeopleEdit

The Mayapachi are a mythic people said to live on Australasia, at the time of the Saurian extradition from Australasia their technology was comparable to the Aztecs.

According to stories from traders, the peoples of Australasia have massive bows mounted on wheels. Which have been mentioned in numerous stories, these weapons resemble Ballistae, which were used by the ancients. From this we can tell that the Mayapachi are equal to the Spartans in technology.