The Great Realm War
Location Braddia
The Kingdom of Braddia The Peoples Republic of Asagon
The Borderlands of Chiid

The Divine Imperial

Federation of Sirdovia


Diamond (Alledon and Diamond are fighting against Braddia and Sirdovia as Diamond has been invaded. However, they don't wish to be involved in the war)

40,850 Sirdovians

31,500 Braddians 30,150 Chiidians

Total Strength: 102,500

50,000 Asagonese forces
The Great Realm War is a global conflict in Realm, all of the Major powers (excepting Alledon and Agrando) went into battle due to them belonging to Opposing alliances.


The Peoples Republic of Asegon, a communist state in Tok, and the Kingdom of Braddia - two of the major powers of the Inner Ocean - had long been in a state of mutual aggression due to conflicting ideologies. Ubeli Sanato, Paramount Leader of Asagon Communist Army veteran, denounced Braddia as an Imperialist slave state.In retaliation, Braddia assembled an invasion force to attack the Saurian state of Abagozen. Abagozen capitulated before any battle occurred, and the nation's territory was divided between Alledon, Chiid, Braddia and Sirdovia.


The Asagonese were offended that the Braddians would place the already tiny ethnic minority of the Saurians under the authority of Sirdovia, a nation well-known for its religion-based persecution of non-humans. Several choice words were exchanged by the two sides, until Ubeli mobilized the Asagonese Army and prepared it for an invasion of Braddia and Abagozen. Alledon announced its intentions to militarily support Asagon. Agrando mobilised its armed forces, but did not specify which side it was taking, if any. Sirdovia declared war on Asagon, and heavily reinforced its territory in Abagozen. Chiid followed suit, and Alledon declared war against them. Braddia mobilised its armed forces against the invading Asagon and Alledon.

Invasion of DiamondEdit

The Alledonian part of Abagozen was granted independence under the name of Diamond. Diamond declared neutrality, and Alledon followed, after previously supporting Asegon.

The first engagement of the war started in newly-independent Diamond. Braddian and Abagozen forces attacked through the west, and Sirdovian forces from their territory in the east.

A truce was called by most of the nations involved, in anticipation of a peace conference. However, Sirdovia did not accept the truce, and advanced into Diamond territory, burning two villages and putting pressure on Diamond to surrender. The People's Republic of Asagon stepped in, vowing to defend Diamond against Sirdovian aggression. Diamond refused to yield, and Sirdovia marched on the capital of Diamond. PRA forces failed to arrive in time due to the army still being in positioned to invade Braddia. Diamond surrendered to Sirdovia before the capital was attacked.