Warlord Krag-Zot is the 15th Warlord bestowed by the Dark Lords as leader of the Borderlands of Chiid. He ruled during the Gun Powder era. He was known as an intelligent leader with a knack for trade and a skill for warfare. He did gain controversy however due to not allowing too much power to the Temple.

Warlord Krag-Zot
Conquest of trade is as important as of battle!









Krag Clan:Edit

Krag-Zot is a title bestowed to him for being the leader of his clan. An english translation of it means Lord of the Krag. In Chiidian Dialect, Krag means Mountain and this is where his clan hailed from. When a Clan member becomes Zot of his clan, he must drop his name and replace it with Zot. Clan members who are not leaders will have their names set like the following: Yrg'Tan

Tan being the clan and Yrg being the name. Titles are always set after clan name. Krag is the most powerful of the 3 Great Chiid Clans.


Krag-Zot is a Pro-Development Supporter. He is responsible for the vast development of Industry in the Ash Wastelands. Krag-Zot is neutral to warfare but prefers to destroy his opponents funds before going in for the kill. He is the first Warlord to not allow complete power to the Temple. This was a problem at first but was soon forgotten after Chiid income sky rocketed.

He is highly anti-elf like all of his preddescors. He has been known to send terrorist attacks on pro-elvish nations.